About the Program

We are designers and architects who care about the city we live in and want to build a more equitable environment.

We believe that this first step is in making the simple things such as access to a source of water to cleanse and refresh is the first start in regaining personal dignity and mutual recognition of our humanity.

Now seeking Volunteers


Aynne Valencia
Aynne Valencia is a Design Leader specializing in creating next-gen products and services that center around social interactions and mobility. She presents on topics related to design, social networks, and pervasive computing. 

She is also an artist and writes short stories.

Vivien Park
Vivien Park
Vivien is an interaction designer, vj, new media and installation artist
By day she designs user experience for software products. the rest of the time, she performs live video for electronic music shows and create mixed-media installations. She also writes for a collaborative blog on urban topics.

Stephanie Houston
Urban Matters Design
Founder, Urban Matters Design and creator of urban experiences
Stephanie is the founder + creative director of Urban Matters. She is a change agent and design opportunist dedicated to empowering communities through design. Her 9+ years working in architecture and urban design in both the US and in Europe provides her with a breadth of experience in both the design and execution of built projects. Her approach to design has always been about placemaking; so when her career’s journey took a fantastic turn working as an urban designer in the UK, the opportunity proved to be invaluable, combining her passion for people, cities, the environment and social change. When it was time for her to return to the States, she chose San Francisco because of its social and environmental mindset. She sees herself not only learning from San Francisco, but giving back to it and its surrounding communities, neighborhoods, and organizations that share her vision and values to not only improve the social fabric of our cities, but engage, educate and address many of the ensuing challenges our world presents.

An award wining designer, Stephanie obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and her Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver. She is a guest tutor at Immersion Workshop and sits as a guest critic for the University of Colorado and California College of Arts.

In her spare time she enjoys running, painting, traveling with her husband, reading and listening to heartfelt stories of empowerment that remind her that one person can make a difference.

Katie Crepeau
Urban Matters Design
Katie has been working in the field of architecture for over five years after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans. Along with working in a traditional architecture office, she has been involved in a variety of community volunteer organizations, including most recently Architecture for Humanity Bay Area chapter. With growing awareness of the disconnect between the architecture community’s typical clientele and the larger human populations’ needs, her interests have simultaneously grown in finding opportunities to connect design professionals with the under-served. As Project Director at Urban Matters, she is able to grow the amount of people empowered through design.

Katie’s project expertise range from single family homes to multi-story commercial renovations to LEED certified projects. She enjoys each unique challenge presented by the various stakeholders and contraints, and strives to find solutions that blend functionality and aesthetics. Her creative thoughtful and thorough process produces well documented and coherent projects.

In her spare time she enjoys running in Golden Gate Park, practicing yoga as the sunrises, reading during her commute, and traveling the world with her husband.



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